The Big Pull





Every day the towboat Aros helps the big container ships in and out of Aarhus Harbour.

The boatswain has been working on the harbour for 30 years. He is never called anything else than "Kalle".

© Gorm Olesen 2010

Aros' 5500 horsepower are controlled easily by the ship's mate.

After helping the container ship away from the dock Aros is suddenly being towed itself when the much bigger container ship turns on it's engines.

© Gorm Olesen 2010

Tauros is being assisted out of the harbour. When they are safe beyond the last buoy Taurus will need no further help.

© Gorm Olesen 2010

After a job well done the course is set to go home. The crew will be off for the day but Aros is ready 24 hours a day.

© Gorm Olesen 2010