Teaching on Egmont Højskolen

It seems spring and summer is the time where I get to teach a lot - that is really great because I love talking about my passion and it is such a great felling when the world of photography opens up to new people.This time it was The Danish Spinal Cord Injuries Association(RYK - Rygmarvsskadede i Danmark) who held their annual summer course together with the folk high school Egmont Højskolen.I had several days for teaching this time which meant we could go deeper and further within photography. It was a new experience to me teaching people with disabilities and it was so great to see that…


Facebook Campaign for 'Rådet for sikker trafik'

The Danish Road Safety Council(Rådet for sikker trafik) was planing a new campaign where they wanted to tell stories about people preventing drunk driving.

I made the first portraits and after that it was the Facebook community that was meant to join in on telling stories.Read Bitten Jensens story.


Teaching volunteers from Danmission

Another teaching job and again volunteers. This time it was from the Aid organisation Danmission who are sending volunteers to Tanzania. I gave them a short crash course within photography and making videos.I wish the volunteers all the best on their journey - which you can follow here.


Teaching photography and videography

From time to time I am so lucky to get to teach what I love doing. This time it was volunteers going to Malawi for DanChurchAid(Folkekirkens Nødhjælp) with the program Go Global. Before going they wanted to improve their skills within photography and making videos. The volunteers were really enthusiastic and you can see some of their pictures and videos on Instagram.


Exhibition at Silkeborg Folk College

Right now my pictures are being exhibited at Silkeborg Folk College / Silkeborg Højskole. As part of their Global Festival 2014 my series from India called "Where the widows live" is on display.

You can also see the pictures here.


The days after Nelson Mandela's death

Reportage pictures from Pretoria and Johannesburg the first ten days after the death of Nelson Mandela.

Covering death of Mandela in South Africa

As a freelancer sometimes you are lucky being in the right spot at the right time. That was the case when the Danish daily news paper Jyllands-Posten called me the morning after Nelson Mandela's death. The man was an inspiration and his legacy will live long after his death. Which is also why I am very happy being a part of sharing the event with the world.Right now I am working many hours but when I am on the other side of it I will make a collection of pictures from these days in South Africa for this website. Until then you can have a single picture here from the Memorial Service…


Another Radiance Exhibition in Aarhus

My project "Skills for life" is right now being exhibited in the non-profit café Fairbar in Aarhus.

Fairbar supports the Radiance project in India with a donation every year. Radiance is a social project in South Indian Salem City. The project provides education helping young Indians affected by HIV/AIDS create a new everyday life for themselves and their families. Through the Radiance Project young Indians can receive courses in tailoring, design, manufacturing of bags, mobile phone repair and IT skills.

If you go you will see my pictures showing the young Indians af…


Exhibition at Aarhus Festival

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The yearly Aarhus Festival (Aarhus Festuge) is going on right now and I am happy to have my pictures exhibited on the festival. On the main square (Store Torv) in Aarhus there is a urban space created by architecture students called “Little Big Thing” In this big tree construction my pictures from Fairbars Radiance project in India are exhibited.Radiance is a social project in South Indian Salem City. The project provides education helping young Indians affected by HIV/AIDS create a new everyday life for themselves and their fa…


Studio portraits of staff on a boarding school

There is not many professions I admire more than teaching. I was therefor glad to take on an assignment photographing the staff on the boarding school "Aarhus Efterskole". They wanted something different and funny where the showed the staffs roles and passions through the photos.You can see all the pictures on their website. But here is a few of the teachers.


My old blog is still out there

I used to blog... Not much but a little now and then - I guess mostly when I was traveling. So if you are interested in reading some of my old blog posts you are very welcome to. Until I succeed in migrating them to my new website you can read them here. But new post will be made in my new website system Koken - that is where you are right now.


Aarhus Boarding School employees

Studio portraits of boarding school employees at the school "Aarhus Efterskole".

See all the portraits at their website.

Personal project: On the way

May your legs be strong and your eyes clear.

A personal photo project where I walked the last 200 km of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. People walk here for all kinds of reasons. I walked to get away from my daily life and find a peace in walking and taking pictures.

Buen camino y buena suerte.

Just fired

The big wharf in town is closing down and Jacob Hansen has been let go. He lives alone on the family farm waiting to reach the retirement age.

See the layout and read the full story here(in Danish).

Where the widows live

Lebanon is a place for widows who live and work together. By joint effort they can keep a living after losing their husband. Many of them have lived there for decades and Lebanon is now the home for their children and grand children.

Portraits (1 new item)

A selection of personal and editorial portraits.

The Big Pull

Every day the towboat Aros helps the big container ships in and out of Aarhus Harbour.

Kaizers Orchestra

The Norwegian rock band is on their European tour. The fans have been waiting for them in each city but for the band the tour is filled with days that look the same.

The A class

My final BA project from the Danish School of Media and Journalism was a series of portraits of my old classmates from primary school telling their stories and looking into how their school time has affected their lives.

See the layout and read the full story here(in Danish).


Chai is more than a sweet tea. If you find the chai shop in India you have found one of the nerve centers of Indian culture. Chai plays a big part of the society it is not only about a hot drink. Drinking chai builds relationships between people. It is a social activity – you never drink chai alone.

See the layout and read the full story here(in Danish).


Lebanon grows a large part of it is rice and vegetables on their own ground. Everybody has to work – also in the field.

News and sports

Editorial news and sports pictures all published in Danish newspapers.