Studio portraits of staff on a boarding school

There is not many professions I admire more than teaching. I was therefor glad to take on an assignment photographing the staff on the boarding school "Aarhus Efterskole". They wanted something different and funny where the showed the staffs roles and passions through the photos.You can see all the pictures on their website. But here is a few of the teachers.


My old blog is still out there

I used to blog... Not much but a little now and then - I guess mostly when I was traveling. So if you are interested in reading some of my old blog posts you are very welcome to. Until I succeed in migrating them to my new website you can read them here. But new post will be made in my new website system Koken - that is where you are right now.


Aarhus Boarding School employees

Studio portraits of boarding school employees at the school "Aarhus Efterskole".

See all the portraits at their website.

Personal project: On the way

May your legs be strong and your eyes clear.

A personal photo project where I walked the last 200 km of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. People walk here for all kinds of reasons. I walked to get away from my daily life and find a peace in walking and taking pictures.

Buen camino y buena suerte.